Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

cabinets covered with plastic

Cover and Protect

When doing demo, the most important and time consuming is the preparation. All cabinets and counter tops are covered and protected to avoid any unnecessary damage and reduces cleanup. This ensures that we leave the property better than we found it, not worse. This also leads to higher customer satisfaction for SERVPRO of Monterey. 

kitchen with cabinets removed

Kitchen Counters saved

When you have a water damage in your kitchen the damage can be extensive. These counters were one of a kind and the customer wanted them saved even if the cabinets had to be removed. We saved the day and preserved the cabinets.

commercial building with water damage

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage

This commercial water damage was caused by a storm. The floor was completely affected. SERVPRO of Watsonville/Hollister was able to dry it out completely and left the company very happy with the results!

Fire Damage to house

Fire Damage

Severe House Fire

Although, the fire was severe and the damage affected almost the whole house, the job is never too big for SERVPRO of Watsonville/Hollister. The technicians handled the job with care and comforted the family throughout the process.

wet carpet

Hot Water Heater Leak

The hot water heater in this home was leaking from the back nozzel and caused a good amount of water damage to the flooring. The flooring needed to be dried quickly in-order to ensure that mold wouldn't form. 

Storm Trailer

Disaster Recovery Team

This photo shows 1 of the many Disaster Recovery Team Trailers. The Disaster Recovery Team is poised and ready for whatever happens. SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Team is trained and equipped to handle the largest storms.