Water Damage Photo Gallery

room with floors and drywall removed

Extensive Water Damage

When this office complex had a pipe break but was unnoticed for weeks the damage was extensive. The walls had to be removed up to 5 ft high and multiple layers of flooring were removed. 

room with mold on floor

Mold in Master Bedroom

There was mold found underneath the flooring so our SERVPRO technicians had to remove the tile over the subfloor and then they could access and clean the mold. After the mold was cleaned our technicians installed a dehumidifier to dry out the room and flooring.

Hot Water Heater Leak

The hot water heater in this home was leaking from the back nozzle and caused a good amount of water damage to the flooring. The flooring needed to be dried quickly in-order to ensure that mold wouldn't form.

Kitchen Ceiling Pipe Broke

A water pipe that ran along the top of this kitchen ceiling broke and began to leak throughout. SERVPRO of Watsonville/Hollister arrived on scene and took apart a piece of the ceiling and stopped the spread of water from going anywhere else. We were able to stop the spread of water and save the owners a lot of money in repair.

Bathroom Water Damage

After a water pipe broke in this home's bathroom it proceeded to flood the flooring and leak into the master bedroom's carpeting. Luckily it was a clean water line so the bedroom was able to be restored without the issue of black water soaking into the carpet.

Hallway Dry-Out

This hallway needed to be dried out before mold spores started to appear and spread throughout the house. In the back you can see that the room is sealed off during the drying process so that the loss is contained completely and can't spread anywhere.